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Physical rehabilitation is the process of physically recovering from your ailment and adjusting to any physical changes you may experience. Different diseases or injuries and their treatments affect some survivors’ bodies more than others. You may have been able to physically recover from disease or injury on your own. Or, you may have a hard time physically adjusting to life and want to seek help from a medical professional.

Medical professionals who can help you with physical rehabilitation focus on:

  • Restoring your independence
  • Preventing other physical problems you may get from being inactive for so long
  • Assisting you with adjustments from physical changes and disabilities
  • Helping you physically handle day-to-day activities

For some survivors, life after disease or injury means learning how to live with major physical changes. You may have to find new ways to do things or change the things you do on a daily basis. This may affect you emotionally. It’s perfectly understandable if adjusting to physical changes upsets you. The information in this site can help you identify whether you would benefit from getting help with your physical rehabilitation. If you want to learn more about how physical changes can affect you emotionally, you should talk to a mental health professional.

A physical rehabilitation plan is something you can develop with the help of your health care team. A part of your physical rehabilitation plan may be working with therapists who specialize in helping your body recover after your trauma. These therapists can help you with physical changes throughout your survivorship.

Who can benefit from physical rehabilitation?

Recovering from disease or injury and its treatment is difficult for many survivors. Getting back to work, regaining your independence and feeling like you have enough energy to get through the day may take time. It’s important to give your body some time to recover, but if you are struggling with your physical recovery at any time during your survivorship, you can talk to your health care team about physical rehabilitation.

Working with a therapist on physical rehabilitation is usually recommended for survivors who have a leg or arm amputated, receive a prosthetic, or experience any other serious physical change that interferes with their mobility or ability to physically function. It can also be helpful for survivors who experience minor physical changes but still have a hard time physically adjusting to life afterwards. If you feel like the physical effects are seriously interfering with your life after your treatment ends, you can ask a member of your health care team if you would benefit from help.

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