School Nutrition Programs

March 11, 2011 by admin  
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The USDA is defending their school nutrition, food stamps, and other public nutrition programs to the government, saying that there is no concrete proof that these programs contribute to the country’s obesity epidemic.

The USDA nutrition programs will cost an estimated $73 billion in fiscal year 2009. Currently, around 31.8 million people accept government food stamps and 61 million Americans are affected by the food programs in some way. it is estimated that the numbers of Americans who need food ass stance will increase during the current recession.

However, some critics blame the programs, which include food stamps, the government’s Women/Infants/Children program, and school milk programs, for contributing to the nation’s obesity problem.

Both educational and governmental experts state that there is no definitive link between the government’s food programs and the current obesity problem, which affects some 32% of U.S. children.
President Obama has proposed a $1 billion increase in childhood nutrition funding, part of which would go to school nutrition and food programs.

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