Did you know that the Central Nervous System controls everything we do, from the function of our muscles, organs, and body systems to our sensitivity to temperature changes, pain, and stress?

Although a common complaint, emotional stress can result from physical, chemical or mental/emotional causes, each of which can play havoc on the Central Nervous System.

Physical stress, such as misaligned vertebrae and disc bulging, chemical stress, such as diet and medication toxicity, and mental/emotional stress, such as anxiety or trauma can all cause interference in the nerve impulses that control your body functions.If ignored, this interference can eventually cause fatigue, pain, sickness, disease, and even a shortened lifespan!

The comprehensive diagnostics and holistic therapies at Back Bay Wellness identify and release the source of the stress naturally.Through our chiropractic, massage, decompression and physical therapies, as well as nutrition and detoxification programs using blood and hair chemistry analysis, we help patients reduce recovery time from surgeries and injuries, relieve chronic pain, manage weight, detoxify, and heal a wide variety of chronic health issues.

If you are struggling with a physical or chemical imbalance and are looking for lasting correction, not just temporary relief, this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.Our certified Doctors and practitioners are available for consultation to discuss your best treatment options so that you can receive immediate relief, maximum energy, and lasting healing benefits.

Let us help YOU get back to Life, Health, and Vitality at Back Bay Wellness!

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