Meet Dr. Alex

Dr. Alex Vanderschelden Chiropractor, Back Bay Wellness

Dr. Alex Vanderschelden has a passion for helping others. And as a practicing Chiropractor, he's been able to do this successfully within his community.

His mission and purpose are to touch lives by inspiring and giving physical and emotional healing to every patient he sees.

His practice includes infants, athletes, the elderly, pregnant women, disabled persons and many more. Dr. Alex practices the most advanced, safe, and gentle techniques.

Vanderschelden family members have been lifelong users of chiropractic care. However,  Alex began to develop his own passion for healing while attending Portland State University where he was awarded a four-year scholarship for the Men’s Tennis Team.

He went on to earn All-Big-Sky team honors for his outstanding singles performance in 2010. Dr. Alex credits much of that success and good health throughout his athletic career, and his life in general, to chiropractic.

After finishing his studies at Portland State University, Dr. Alex quickly realized how impactful chiropractic was to him and the potential difference he could make in other individual's lives. This resulted in his decision to pursue his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Alex has now studied and practiced chiropractic care for 6 years and specializes in corrective care for many, many patients. He is excited to bring his enthusiasm and knowledge of chiropractic to Back Bay Wellness and its Orange County family, where he hopes to continue treating and improving your life!